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We want to make psychotherapy accessible to everyone! ClicktoTherapy’s providers are strictly selected based upon professional qualifications and specializations in their field.
We offer the most competitive prices for the highest quality online care.

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Choose additional sessions and use them whenever you need them.

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45 /session 45' duration
Free introductory session
Private therapy room
Pay with maximum security

The first introductory session is free and then you choose whether you want to continue.

You will have access to a private room with your psychologist, to carry out the online sessions ensuring complete privacy and payments to be made with maximum security.

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1121 reviews
1121 reviews

Top ratings

  • C.B.
    I feel accepted, understood and safe from my psychologist. From my previous experience, I had concluded that I was dissatisfied with the psychoanalytical form of psychotherapy that my therapist had applied. I was so happy when you personally put me in contact with a behavioral psychologist and it sounds like THAT is what I need!
  • M.Z.
    I've been impressed with how easy it was to connect with a therapist and I'm completely satisfied that I can access my therapist's calendar and book treatments easily without having to speak to someone, as well as the help I get from my therapist. The professionalism and quality of the treatments is impressive as well.
  • C.P.
    I always choose the 4 session package because it is the most cost-effective. My cooperation with my psychologist was and is perfect and I am absolutely pleased. I am currently taking a pause to think about what we discussed and will certainly be back to continue!
  • A.S.
    From the first contact, I loved it and I was very satisfied. I finally feel like I can talk fearlessly. The entire process really helps me, and I look forward every time before each session to what my psychologist has to offer me.
  • C.L.
    I felt that I was talking with a professional who wanted to understand what’s happening in my mind and soul… The first session was free, but I never felt pressured to become her client; she totally respected where I’m at today in the process.
  • Ν.Κ.
    I got really valuable help to start getting out of my own perspective and deal with things more objectively. I felt pretty good after the first session and now I think I need more!
  • Α.G.
    I want to say thanks to my therapist - for understanding me even after a few short sessions. She really understands my issues and has had a positive impact on the decisions I’ve made. It’s definitely for my own good.
  • Ν.P.
    This was my first online session and I think it will help me a lot - I felt comfortable discussing my problem from the very beginning. Thank you very much for this valuable help - I will 100% continue!

Online psychotherapy has been around in some form - video, telephone, email or text messaging - for 20 years. Research has shown that online psychotherapy is equivalent to in-person care, and in most cases a leading alternative option for treatment.

Distance therapy sessions offer the advantages of flexible and easy scheduling, so you can have your sessions from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are!

Finding a psychologist can be stressful and time-consuming in the beginning. When you start looking for a practitioner, it’s common to imagine who that person might be, but it takes time to learn enough about them to know if they’re right for your needs.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of your search, with a customized matching process that finds the most suitable therapist for you, based upon your criteria and expressed needs.

Our technology is based upon the pillar of creating a strong therapeutic alliance between therapist and client. Our algorithm uses your stated criteria to search for a practitioner who most closely meets your needs, based on professional experience and specializations. We are constantly developing and improving our service to make the matching process faster and more exact.

We want you to be sure this approach to therapy is right for you. That’s why we offer the first session completely free of charge, so you can have one meeting with your psychologist without any obligation.

Let's start with the basics, separating two professionals that are misused as synonyms: psychologist and psychotherapist.

A psychologist is a professional who has received a license to practice the profession of psychologist from the Greek state. Prerequisite for the license is the successful completion of basic psychology studies from a recognized university. However, the license to practice the profession of psychologist foresees and limits its holder to the provision of counseling services and not psychotherapy. Technically, the lisence holder can practice the profession of psychologist, however we, at ClicktoTherapy, do not consider it as a sufficient condition for someone to provide effective and quality psychotherapy.

A psychotherapist is a professional psychologist who, in addition, has followed a 4-year further training in psychotherapy specialization, which meets the criteria recommended by the European Psychotherapy Association. These criteria mainly include:

  • Theoretical training in a psychotherapeutic approach (e.g. psychodynamic, systemic, existential, cognitive-behavioral, gestalt, etc.)
  • Specific number of supervision hours
  • Personal psychotherapy
  • Being under supervision

The partners psychologist of ClicktoTherapy belong to the category of psychotherapist, while they meet certain additional criteria that are considered necessary for an effective psychotherapeutic intervention, such as continuous personal analysis and the supervision of the incidents.

Before analyzing the online version of psychotherapy, it is important to highlight that the cost of psychotherapy may vary depending on each professional. In particular, the price of psychotherapy is higher if it is provided by a psychotherapist than a psychologist, which is better understood if we consider the difference in their degree of specialization. Additionally, online psychotherapy tends to be slightly more cost-effective than in-person due to lower maintenance cost of the practitioner's office. However, it is a common misconception that the online therapy is cheaper than in-person psychotherapy because it is less effective, and therefore of lower value which is further from the truth!

Let's focus on the cost of online psychotherapy by a psychotherapist. The cost of a session can depend on a number of factors, such as expertise, the reputation of the professional, the location of the professional (psychotherapy in the city tends to be more expensive than in the countryside), additional studies of the professional, etc. Considering all these factors, the average session cost is estimated at €45.

At Clicktotherapy, since we have managed to reduce the cost for the professional and at the same time help them not to waste time with administrative issues, we are able to reduce the session price. In addition, our main goal is to keep fixed the price of each session, so that the price is not a criterion for choosing a psychologist. Our purpose is to focus on essential criteria for assigning a professional to each client, such as psychotherapeutic specialization and experience, which are proven to be the most essential for the establishment of a successful psychotherapeutic relationship.

The price of couple therapy is usually more expensive than individual therapy for 2 reasons:

  • The session is longer so that both members have time to analyze their perspective.
  • A couple therapist is required to have specific expertise and training in couple psychotherapy to be able to provide this specialized mental health service.

Psychologists and psychotherapists are professionals with many years of studies and continuous development to be able to practice their profession effectively and it is important that this professionalism is reimbursed. However, it is possible, from various organisations, to provide free counseling by volunteer psychologists, who generously allocate part of their time for this purpose. Free counseling in the context of volunteering programs can be useful as well as effective, especially in urgent cases.

On the other hand, psychotherapy is a systematic process, which requires an investment of both time and money, so that the client is essentially committed to it, and can effectively cooperate with the psychotherapist. In fact, it is believed that the commitment of the client to the psychotherapeutic process is maximized when the client takes on the cost of their therapy, given that it remains affordable.