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  • I am fully satisfied with the help I receive of my therapist. The professionalism and quality of the treatments is impressive!
    Maria Z. | Amsterdam
  • I wish I had reached out to you from the beginning and not experimented on my own, because it's a big disappointment to invest and not see results.
    Christina B. | Athens
  • The psychologist that I was matched with has a great approach that suits me very well. I felt safe and calm from the first session.
    John D. | Munich
  • I have achieved balance in my emotions and thoughts. I will be forever grateful to my therapist!
    Marios K. | Thessaloniki
  • I’ve thought about starting treatment for a while now, but it’s difficult in the area where I live … Thank you very much for all the help so far!
    Giota L. | Lesvos
  • This is my first time seeking treatment, and I’m so impressed with my therapist! He’s given me suggestions I never would have thought about. It has helped me to think much more deeply about my issues. I recommend it 10/10!
    Chrysanthi G. | London
  • After 2 years, our collaboration with my therapist ended and today I feel that I can stand up and live the life I deserve.
    George T. | Chania
  • I feel that there is understanding and that I benefit from the psychologist's approach. It helps me to understand myself, my reactions and my thoughts.
    Alex G. | Sparta
  • I finally feel like I can talk fearlessly. The entire process really helps me, and I look forward every time before each session to what else my psychologist has to offer me.
    Christina E. | Skiros
  • Great professionalism and competence of my psychologist. I feel relieved that I found her, that I am able to talk to her and analyze my behaviour. Very witty. She's offering what I came for.
    Panagiota R. | Copenhagen
  • You have helped me to make important decisions in my life, not to be afraid to deal with problems and especially you have helped me to have confidence in myself. I definitely recommend it.
    Elli S. | Chalkida
  • I've only had three sessions, I've already felt an increase in confidence and self-esteem. Not only were my concerns heard and what I had to say, but I got solutions that work! I appreciate so much that I'm not afraid to speak up.
    Bill Z. | Patra
  • I feel like my psychologist really got to know me. He really listens and means everything to me. I'm kind of new to this but I can't wait to really get into it!
    Patroklos T. | Euboea
  • I have only done 5 sessions, But the questions they asked me were the ones that needed to be asked to learn from myself and my experiences and grow into a better person.
    John P. | Peristeri
  • I just finished my second session and I felt comprehended and reassured. Honestly, I couldn't get any happier with my therapist.
    Kalliopi L. | Trikala

With the help of our innovative artificial intelligence algorithm, we connect you with the most suitable psychologist, who has the best chance for a successful therapeutic alliance. A psychologist from our extensive network of partners will be assigned to you to improve your quality of life.

Extensive network of fellow psychologistsExtensive network of fellow psychologists
Certified Psychologist with a professional licenseCertified Psychologist with a professional license

ClicktoTherapy Psychologists are strictly selected professionals each specialized in their field. Only 1 out of 5 candidates becomes our partner, after a series of interviews. Subsequently, the psychologist partners participate in supervision and training programs to ensure the quality of services!

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ClicktoTherapy is an award-winning startup. Our goal is to make professional psychological support available to everyone who needs it, quickly and affordably. Our technology can match you with trained, certified professionals who offer effective, high quality mental health care.

At ClicktoTherapy, we believe that psychological support should be easily available to everyone who seeks it. We harness technology to connect our users with certified professional psychologists to ensure they have the most reliable, effective, and confidential therapeutic experience, regardless of geography or location.

At ClicktoTherapy, we are well aware of the value of performing therapy in a physical space. But we also recognize that circumstances in daily life sometimes make that difficult. Our goal is to make sure that the therapeutic process can continue under any condition, by providing an online environment that ensures safe and direct video contact.

Effective psychotherapy presupposes the choice of a good therapist. ClicktoTherapy selects our partners very carefully, with a thorough review of their credentials and a direct interview. All of our therapists are certified psychologists with many years of personal experience, and continuous training in modern treatment methods, combined with personal skills such as empathy and insight. We want to ensure that all patients receive the highest quality of care from the best-suited practitioners.

The ClicktoTherapy team is composed of experienced professionals in mental health, research and technology, who are each committed to providing access to psychotherapy for all who seek it.

All of our partner practitioners are experienced, licensed and certified Psychologists, with continuous training in modern methods of counseling and psychotherapy. Learn more about our psychologists.